Terms and conditions

  • After purchase you will receive an account with a pre-purchased game (NOT a code).
  • The warranty and support on our accounts is Six Months.
  • PS4 games must be activated within 24h from receiving your account, please ensure you have your console around to complete the setup when you receive your game. We will not replace or refund if you fail to do so.
  • For PS4, DLC for some games might not be working correctly depending on your account region.
  • We do not always have all PS4 games available for instant delivery. Sometimes it could take a couple of hours to have them delivered, in extreme cases up to 48h

IMPORTANT !! Breaching any of the below restrictions will void your warranty and will cost account loss :

* Do Not change access details on the profile. If you do that you will lose our warranty and you will not be given a replacement in case of any issues.

* Do Not delete the profile we supply from your console. The profile is what holds the license to launch the game, if you remove it you won’t be able to launch the game anymore.

* Do Not deactivate that account primary under any circumstances. Having that account primary does not interfere with your other profiles, you can have multiple accounts consider your console primary at the same time.

* Do Not Do not login into the new account after the download is initiated.

* IF You want to factory reset your PS4, replace your HDD or change console, you are doing it at your own risk. We do not guarantee it will be working after the change, if that happens then no replacement will be given

* IF You happen to delete the game from your console and need to redownload it, please contact us first.

* IF You to purchase DLC, please contact us first to ensure they are compatibile with your region of the game.