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Primary license features
1- Full access to the game as what you would receive by purchasing in retail store or PlayStation Store
2- Play with your own profile
3- Earn trophies/achievements and play online
4- Get all the patches and updates

Secondary license features
1- Lower price
2- Full access to the game as what you would receive by purchasing in retail store or PlayStation Store
3- Play with our profile only
4- Earn trophies/achievements and play online
5- Get all the patches and updates

Real-life soccer players act out their own destinies on the pitch with each passing minute, but that’s trickier in video games. FIFA 17’s new mode, The Journey, has no shortage of inspirations; every match and season is full of them. But The Journey is in an ambiguous position: It gives the illusion that you’re directing the tale of Alex Hunter, but you’re neither in control enough of Hunter to take ownership of him, and the story of the mode itself can struggle to synch up to his actions. Despite this, The Journey has memorable moments and is an admirable first step worth experiencing alongside the series’ customary modes and improving gameplay.

The Journey is an elaborate wrapper for the traditional Be a Pro mode, using the match rating feature to assess Hunter’s performance based on the quality of his passes, shots, and positioning. This increases his abilities (along with his results in training sessions) and determines whether he’s among the starting 11 each week. Hunter experiences the ups and downs as a young phenom in the English Premier League, and we get a glimpse of his personal life.

The mode is at its best when it captures Hunter’s awe of the situation, such as signing with his favorite club from his childhood (which you choose). Like Hunter, I geeked out at seeing current first-teamers in the background and soaked up the occasion. The solid voice acting and character models add to these moments, as do settings like Hunter’s childhood bedroom. Developer EA Vancouver smartly kept the story mainly confined to the world of soccer; it takes some detours into Hunter’s family life, but they are only okay.


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