Frequently Asked Questions


Our  delivery system is sending out games 24/7. You will receive access details mostly from 3-5 hours after we get your payment to 48 hours maximum waiting period. Sometimes a game might be out of stock, you will then be notified about it and we will dispatch the game within 48h (usually much sooner!).

Can I transfer the purchased account to another person or use it on more than one console?

Unfortunately, that will not be possible. During activation the game binds to your console permanently.

Will the game work in my country? Are there any region restrictions involved?

All the accounts we sell are region free, which means you can use them anywhere in the world! You can pay for your purchase with your home currency (USD, EUR etc.), the equivalent of the GBP amount will be charged during PayPal checkout automatically.

What languages will be available?

The games will always be in English which is the only language we guarantee to be available. Other languages are often included, commonly French, Spanish, Italian or German. This is however game and account specific, we are unable to guarantee that any of them will be available in the game you purchase.

I have a problem with the account, who should I contact to resolve it?

Please contact our support department, we will have it resolved in no time!